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Oct 27




Art Forum – Gregor Palmer





Every month, we will be introducing an artist whose work I happen to personally favor. This opening month it is the work of UK abstract artist, Gregor Palmer.

We feel it best to allow her work to speak for itself and have you read this un edited clip from some of her wonderful expressive writings. I felt this relevant an artist as the opener for Art Forum – as there is a most incredible exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art in Mayfair, London on Abstract art – which is worth a trip to London if you can. It runs until January 2nd, 2017.

Eddy Frankel with Time Out Magazine does a good review of this highly impressive art event.


“Ground Control to Major Tom”

From the artist:

Creative people are always worth listening to. In an article on sculptor Anthony Gormley he said ‘This is what I was born to do, or what I’ve found I can do.”

He went on to talk about his figures installed on Crosby beach on Merseyside – some are even in the sea! ‘That’s the test, I think. If you can’t think of a place without the object or the object without the place, it means it’s made a marriage.’

Painting has that aspect too. All the lines and forms and colours have to look as though they’ve always been right there and could be nowhere else. If you look at a favourite picture and block out any little detail with your thumb the whole thing is less, less perfect, paler. Nothing should be present that isn’t absolutely necessary.
How does any creative person find that special state that brings all their powers together, focussed and alert? Do you have a routine you go through before you start a project, not a putting-off-the-moment one like cleaning under the sink, but a collecting-together in the building tension?

Mike Leigh, the film director, says he starts work on a new film with no working script. He looks for spontaneity from the actors and likes the on-the-edge-ness he gets when there’s no safety fall-back. Philip Glass the composer tries not to make decisions before entering a rehearsal room, for the same reasons. You have to find the conditions that help the work. For me any plan or envisioning kills creativity dead, while every brush stroke risks wrecking the whole thing. Risk is the stimulant that makes the creative department alert, and risk is what keeps the project alive and vital right until it’s finally wrapped up and you can push your chair back, or put away your pen or your brush or chisel.

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“Shine on Me”

Oct 06




Refresh Your New Season Routine…

Getting family back into the groove of routine can be a challenge in many ways, but hopefully most of the creases are ironed out now – with a week or so under one’s belt.

I finally have time to take personal stock of what sets me up for a new ‘season’ as I gear up for the festive final quarter of the year. So here is my personal check list.


New journal set – one per month for October, November and December. I fill them fast.

A new morning blend of tea plus splurging on a new cup and saucer.  It’s symbolic for me to  start the day with a strong tea in a fav cup. Personally, I like Harrods Earl Gray Breakfast tea.


Then I have to have a dunker – my Mum sends me Marks and Spencer digestive biscuits every month, or Rich Tea, plain and simple but it hits the spot.

Pens – black ink only, medium point – my scribble is illegible with anything else.

Candles on my desk – a must all year round. Diptyque Rose candles are a real treat to self !screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-10-26-47-am

Essential Oils, keeps my thoughts clear when I get tired. Bergamot is my go to always, but I do mix it up often and keep one in my car also.

Check out the magazines at Barnes and Noble – I prefer to purchase there and support one of the last book stores around! Stock up on new prints like Belong or Darling.belong-magazine

Promise myself extra sleep, more water and mediation and see how long I can keep it up.  It pays off.

Review what my year To Do list was from January and prioritise what I really choose to make happen over the remaining three months, and not beat myself up.

Start a new book for night time easy reading – not work related. Its a good way for me to wind down.  The Miniaturist was one I loved, by Jesse Burton.


And to remember that I am Too Blessed to be Stressed !

Its not worth it – and to savour and enjoy each day with all it brings.

Aug 20




Something to Curl Up With


 by Tracy Kidder (Mariner Books)

An adventure of a couple building their American dream from the ground up. This novel portrays all of the trials that construction confronts the pair with and the strains imposed on their relationship during the build.

The Right Color
 by Eve Ashcraft (Artisan)

It’s rare that I toot the horn of another colour consultant, but this book really does give a first class insight into finding the perfect palette for every room in your home, complete with wisdom from a much admired leading colour consultant.

Home Is Where the Heart Is
 Is by Ilse Crawford (Rizzoli)

A book filled with pages of beautiful photographs and accompanied by wonderful narration that captures the essence of home. You’ll want it once you see it.

500 Handmade Books: Inspiring Interpretations of a Timeless Form
 (Lark Books)

A book filled with countless pages of handmade books. Not only are they captivating to look at but they also provide me with inspiration to make my own versions through handmade cards.



Selvedge Ltd)

A UK bi-monthly magazine focused on the world of textiles and interesting tidbits.


(View Publications)

The Trends brands semiannual magazine that appears every March and September with insight into future trends and ideas.

INSIDE Out Magazine – Homes With Heart
News Life Media)

An Austrailian bi-monthly magazine full of ideas, ideas and more ideas.