Something to Curl Up With


 by Tracy Kidder (Mariner Books)

An adventure of a couple building their American dream from the ground up. This novel portrays all of the trials that construction confronts the pair with and the strains imposed on their relationship during the build.

The Right Color
 by Eve Ashcraft (Artisan)

It’s rare that I toot the horn of another colour consultant, but this book really does give a first class insight into finding the perfect palette for every room in your home, complete with wisdom from a much admired leading colour consultant.

Home Is Where the Heart Is
 Is by Ilse Crawford (Rizzoli)

A book filled with pages of beautiful photographs and accompanied by wonderful narration that captures the essence of home. You’ll want it once you see it.

500 Handmade Books: Inspiring Interpretations of a Timeless Form
 (Lark Books)

A book filled with countless pages of handmade books. Not only are they captivating to look at but they also provide me with inspiration to make my own versions through handmade cards.



Selvedge Ltd)

A UK bi-monthly magazine focused on the world of textiles and interesting tidbits.


(View Publications)

The Trends brands semiannual magazine that appears every March and September with insight into future trends and ideas.

INSIDE Out Magazine – Homes With Heart
News Life Media)

An Austrailian bi-monthly magazine full of ideas, ideas and more ideas.

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