Wood Gardening Tools

Line and Post
A traditional tool that’s in every true gardener’s shed and which comes out whenever there’s planting to be done. Got to get those lines straight; no self-respecting gardener will have wobbling lines of lettuce or spinach, corn or carrots, due  to not having his line stretched tautly between a post at one end of the row and one at the other, and following it all the way along.  That way, when the first leaves show above ground they’ll be like a row of soldiers.
This tool is indispensible for planting young plants out to their summer position and for putting bulbs safely and correctly in place.  It’s a must for making these jobs easy and getting them right. Bulbs go into their holes at different depths, according to species and size.  Ask you supplier what they recommend. When the soil has been prepared, this simple, reliable tool is all you need.

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