Pet Holiday

Tis’ the season for giving and while it seems that we shower our loved ones with gifts this time of year, it is our furry companions that have come to occupy center stage. With books, blogs, movies, television shows and even furniture dedicated to our beloved pets, it seems that this national obsession with man’s best friend has only gained momentum in recent years.

With a wide range of online shops full of treats, attire, toys and everything in between, it is hard not to spoil your pet during the holidays. The Los Angeles based D.O.G. Pet Boutique offers unique collars for the fashion forward pooch and a variety of toys that resemble designer handbags such as the ‘Barkin’ bag.

Bow Tie Collar available at D.O.G. Pet Boutique

The Barkin Bag available at D.O.G. Pet Boutique

One of my favorite ideas is heated pet beds for these brisk winter nights, which are offered by Sleepypod or any major pet store. If you prefer a more design based item for your feline, Kittypod offers a variety of furniture that double as a great design piece for your home, as well as a scratching post and an ideal spot for a cat nap.

The Ultra Plush Sleepypod, complete with a concealed warmer

The Couchette available at Kittypod

While most of us can’t get enough of our furry (and some not so furry) companions, there is an overwhelming population of those less fortunate. After watching just one of the many pet documentaries, One Nation Under Dog, I was enlightened on the overwhelming negligence that accompanies the breeding industry and the blatant disregard for animal well being when money becomes a driving factor. So while you browse plush toys and charming outfits for Fido, consider buying an extra bag of dog food or bone for donation at a local shelter. Even a half an hour of your time at your shelter of choice can be spent giving these animals much needed affection. A favorite shelter of mine is the Westside German Shepherd Shelter, but there are so many to choose from.

Enjoy the holidays with friends, family and your pets but don’t forget those in need.

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