Fourth of July

Since the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, July 4th has become a federal holiday celebrated every year to commemorate the United States of America’s independence from the United Kingdom. People commonly celebrate with barbecues, parades, fireworks but most importantly proud displays of the American flag.


The colours Red, White and Blue have become synonymous with the United States of America. But have you ever wondered how many other countries hoist the same colours on their national flags? Off the top of my head, I was only able to name a few countries, The US, Great Britain (of course!), New Zealand, and France. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered there are 35 countries that prominently feature red, white and blue on their respective flags.


Thanks to Betsy Ross and our bold flag design, we proudly display the colours of our country through stars and stripes. But, it is interesting to see how the design has been altered over the years as the country has expanded. Arguably the most recognizable flag, it’s easy to track the lineage of how it’s been appropriated in pop culture, art, fashion, etc…


(Painting by Jasper Johns. Flags,1958)


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