Yves Klein

Yves Klein was a French artist in the 1950s who pioneered the development of Performance Art. Although he passed at the young age of 34, his artistic legacy lives through IKB, International Klein Blue.

IKB is a deep blue hue, comparable to ultramarine, patented by Klein and co-created with chemists to have the same brightness and intensity as dry pigments. This colour is achieved through suspending the dry pigment in a synthetic resin. The intensity of the blue is so vivid that it almost seems to vibrate off surfaces. This creation was phenomenal in the 50’s and quite incredible by today’s technological standards as well; the colour is almost impossible to match.
However, Kremer Pigments sell an ultramarine pigment that is the closest match I have seen to IKB. For pure paint, I recommend Swiss Paint Manufacturer, KT Color. For $350 per gallon, you too can colour your walls Yves Klein Blue.
Klein utilized blue throughout most of his career but IKB is most notable in his performance pieces where nude models are painted and dragged or strategically positioned on a canvas creating the images and acting as “living brushes”.
In conjunction with the estate of Yves Klein, Artware Editions offers a vitrine coffee table made of plexiglass, glass, and steel filled with International Kelin Blue pigment. Slightly more attainable than his $20 million dollar paintings, these functional artist designed furniture pieces come numbered and signed with a certificate of authenticity.
Here a few more images of how IKB has permeated not only contemporary art but also interior design.

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