Drought Tolerant Landscaping

More than half of California has been experiencing the most severe level of drought since the federal government started issuing drought reports in the late 1990s. California is more than a year’s worth of water short in its reservoirs and the state’s top and sub soil moisture has nearly been depleted. The drought’s effects are hurting central California’s irrigation and leaving northern and southern California at increased risk for wildfires. The state has adopted regulations to fine those who waste water up to $500 per day.


In light of a recent trip to the Coachella Valley and bearing the 120 degree heat, this week I would like to share environmentally efficiently uses of water by utilizing drought tolerant landscaping.
The most common plants for low maintenance and drought tolerance are cacti and succulents. Integrated with the desert’s existing natural landscape of rocks and gravel, this landscaping style is climate conscious and not wasteful. Trees that do well in the heat include, Palo Verde, Euclayptus, and Olive. There are also various flowering shrubs like Rockrose, Desert Spoon, Oleander and Woolly Thyme, which give soft pink blossoms.
Which ever style you choose is right for you, it is responsible and very respectable to be environmentally conscious, not only to benefit our and future generations but also for your wallet.

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