I am faced with that task of making colour and design decisions all day and every day, its my profession — actually it’s far more than that because I see and feel everything in terms of colour and balance. Have you ever thought about the process of how you make your colour decisions? What do you base them on, is it something predisposed because you are a creature of habit and favor certain colours? Or is it because you are just accepting of what is around you through familiarity? Or is it at random?  Perhaps you don’t even really consciously think about your daily simplest of simple colour choices at all. I know, I do … in fact, to the point of absurdity sometimes.

From the moment I wake, my life is guided by my colour choices.  My choice of toothpaste and brush, down to what cup I will use for my morning coffee (and what I’ll proffer my husband his in).  My collection of tea cups and mugs is quite extensive — but my decision is formed after taking many things into consideration, like my mood, what I am drinking (coffee or tea), day of the week, or an event, just to name a few. You can imagine how my choice of drinking vessel changes daily. From there it quickly progresses and expands to the clothes I wear, the sock/shoe complement, the nail polish I choose, the food I eat (also colour grouped these days to ensure a balanced diet), the ink colour I write with, the sheets on my bed, the list goes on and on.

I am so truly aware that it is ingrained in everything that I do. I systematically make decisions based on colour.


Do let me know if you have any colour quirks in your day and how colour helps balance your day. How does colour effect your life?


Love the colours you live with.





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