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As we transition out of summer and into fall, for many, this time of year marks the end of laid back vacation days and the start of school or getting back to the grind of work.  This last quarter also seems to be a busier season, with many a festive holiday looming. So perhaps some early planning with some glam organizational office
gadgets will help you feel better prepared this year and make your desk top feel more colourful, functional and stylish. Office accoutrements seem to have attracted many designers to bring these daily used items into the fashion world. Nate Burkus at Target makes it easy to afford or splurge with one of the more lavish quality Italian lines.

The workplace has evolved quite a bit since the days of secretaries like Miss Moneypenny in the Bond series and endless rows of sterile cubicles. In fact, many people don’t even go into an office much these days and instead telecommute. Whether you’re working from a neighborhood coffee shop, remotely from home or a corporate environment, I believe one’s work space or desk space is critical in fostering productivity and output.  I colour code my files, Pink personal, Blue business, Orange accounts etc and have many of the basic magazine folders covered in favourite wallpaper off cuts and gone are my home file cabinets which always felt like an eye sore as I battle going paperless. Though I confess I am a huge notebook addict and collect them from everywhere I travel, a kaleidoscope of covers of many various mediums and even a few I’ve made myself. I store them mostly unused afraid to blemish the pages for years.

We are now able to entertain our pets at work too.  Paul Frank’s offices are a big advocate of this, as am I.  Or David Parnes from Million Dollar Listing with his two pampered Bassett hounds, Bella and Maxi.
Though my black German shepherd Jet, constantly knocks my hand away from the keyboard when I work from home, its worth her company.

So, this week I want to highlight a few of my favorite picks for making a fun and creative workspace.
Please feel free to send us your creative work spaces to view too.

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  • Gregor on Oct 07, 2014

    This is so creative, and a real way of showing us how to bring our own creativity into our workplace or our home. Invention, ingenuity, we all possess them, you give us confidence to do just that. Thank you Philippa.

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