Tweed Fabric

I am so elated that this Winters trend fabric is Tweed, and the Harris Tweed especially!   Though there are many types and variations the Harris tweed is superior in my estimation. One can hardly refer to Tweed as a Trend- its origins stem way back. Its more of a revival.



As the nature lover in me is always identifying the commercial market back to its natural origin, being able to correlate the rough moorlands of Scotland and the Outer Hebrides and its range of colours is relatively easy. For those of you never fortunate enough to venture to this part of the world, think …. Mel Gibson in Braveheart, or The writings of Thomas Hardy with those wonderful scenic descriptions.
Conjour the peat marshes and ragged dark mountains, heavy grey mists over bleached grassy plains or bright heathered slopes against freezing blue bottomless seas. The sure footed mountain sheep with their neutral tawny mix coats against ochre slate for an alternate palette.  There is such artistry woven into these artistic patterns. The warp and weft blending colours and textures symbolic of its history.
Tweeds really do reflect the natural colours of their origin, and they are captured even more so as many of these wools were spun and dyed using natural plant dyes.
Harris Tweeds are the only mix blend yarns that are dyed before being spun.

Colours reflect our mood and seasons, they also calm and excite the senses. Texture adds depth and definition.  So as you browse through the racks this winter selecting your hounds tooth or herringbone, basket weave or glen check, remind yourself that history repeats itself and that your money would be well spent investing in tweed because it will always in be fashion.

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