Refresh Your New Season Routine…

Getting family back into the groove of routine can be a challenge in many ways, but hopefully most of the creases are ironed out now – with a week or so under one’s belt.

I finally have time to take personal stock of what sets me up for a new ‘season’ as I gear up for the festive final quarter of the year. So here is my personal check list.


New journal set – one per month for October, November and December. I fill them fast.

A new morning blend of tea plus splurging on a new cup and saucer.  It’s symbolic for me to  start the day with a strong tea in a fav cup. Personally, I like Harrods Earl Gray Breakfast tea.


Then I have to have a dunker – my Mum sends me Marks and Spencer digestive biscuits every month, or Rich Tea, plain and simple but it hits the spot.

Pens – black ink only, medium point – my scribble is illegible with anything else.

Candles on my desk – a must all year round. Diptyque Rose candles are a real treat to self !screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-10-26-47-am

Essential Oils, keeps my thoughts clear when I get tired. Bergamot is my go to always, but I do mix it up often and keep one in my car also.

Check out the magazines at Barnes and Noble – I prefer to purchase there and support one of the last book stores around! Stock up on new prints like Belong or Darling.belong-magazine

Promise myself extra sleep, more water and mediation and see how long I can keep it up.  It pays off.

Review what my year To Do list was from January and prioritise what I really choose to make happen over the remaining three months, and not beat myself up.

Start a new book for night time easy reading – not work related. Its a good way for me to wind down.  The Miniaturist was one I loved, by Jesse Burton.


And to remember that I am Too Blessed to be Stressed !

Its not worth it – and to savour and enjoy each day with all it brings.