A Bit of Whimsy

Interior design is a very serious business. Creating a space that feels cozy and inviting and is at the same time invigorating and exciting requires a very finely tuned balance. To achieve this, one must be discriminating and at the same time open to new ideas. I sometimes find myself pouring over a color palette for days, hoping to achieve just the right mix. In order to keep everything in perspective, I find it helpful to always add a bit of whimsy to my interiors when and where it can be applied. A bit of whimsy creates levity, adds softness or humor to a space that is just as crucial as the right hue or scale. This blog post is an homage to these bits of whimsy that work as reminders to breath a bit easier and enjoy life a bit more.


La Voliere Table Lamp by Mathieu Challieres from the Conran Shop

I spotted this table lamp by Mathieu Challieres from the Conran Shop in this month’s Elle Decor (May 2012). It’s simplicity and character makes it a welcome addition to any office space that needs a bit of levity (which is usually MOST office spaces).


Ingo Maurer’s Zettel’s 5 Suspension Chandelier


Ingo Maurer’s Zettel’z 5 Suspension Chandelier is now a classic in whimsical design (if there could be such a designation). This lamp comes with love letters written in different languages printed on high quality japanese paper. It also comes with blank sheets that encourages owner participation.
If a lamp could ever save a relationship from peril, this one would be it.


The Smoke Dining Chair by Maarten Bass
The Smoke Dining Chair by Maarten Bass with its burned wood frame is beautiful in it’s destruction. Each char is actually burned and then epoxied so that the unique character of the burned wood lasts forever.
John Dickinson’s 1970’s Tin Console
I was thrilled to read recently that Sutherland Furniture will be remaking John Dickinson’s classic trompe l’oeil tin tables. These pieces are so versatile that they feel just as at home in stately Dallas homes as they do in the most minimal modern loft setting. Perfection.


Fornasetti’s Famous Image of Lina Cavalieri


No post on whimsical design inspiration would be complete without mentioning Piero Fornasetti. He is perhaps best known today for his “Tema e Variazioni” series (with the iconic images of Lina Cavalieri pictured above). While Lina is lovely, I find myself drawn to his less known vintage pieces like the tray shown below. Any gathering could benefit from cocktail hour served on a tray like this, indoors or out. What time is it anyway?…..


Fornasetti Tray

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