Wanderlust – The Call of the Wild

Living in Southern California, I could camp all year long, but it is the presence of summer that beckons me toward days romping in the wilderness and nights around a campfire. While the weather is at its warmest and the days are long, my friends and family find it quintessential to escape for a night or two to beaches and mountains. I find these trips always reset my senses, like powering down and then restarting a computer – my abilities to slow down, think clearly, breathe deeply and be inspired are ever so nourished on these trips into nature.

Recognizing that old fashioned camping is not for everyone, a modern generation of campers are being called to the wild with a swarm of new camping products redirected towards more luxury oriented clients. Enter the “Glamping” model (an amalgamation of the words glamorous and camping) – glamping does not ask you to forgo any of the luxuries of city dwelling while sleeping under the stars. Presently, being rustic has never seemed so chic.

The Cricket Trailer

When you have extended camping trips that require a more compact arrangement of your necessities, the Swiss Room Box offer everything from a kitchen to a bedroom to a bathroom, all in the back of your car. The possibilities truly seem endless after watching the video available on the Swiss Room Box site.

Swiss Room Box

Shelter Co., a luxury camping service, offers bespoke vacation adventures anytime, anywhere. You can choose from the basic tent set up (real mattresses and down bedding included) to an outdoor movie theater and everything in between.

Shelter Co. Camping

The vibrant hues of the gypsy caravans embody a lively nomadic lifestyle that has inspired the gypset bohemian trends so popular today.

A Gypsy Caravan Interior

After watching The Cave of the Yellow Dog, the spacious and structured yurts seem like an ideal way to reside in the outdoors without abandoning all colour sensibilities.

Exteriors & Interiors of Yurts

And for those who really want to sleep under the stars…..The Bubble Tent – although providing no means of privacy for those hoping for a frolic under the stars.

The Bubble Tent

If you’ve never understood the saying “less is more”, never fear, there are camping versions of your beloved necessities: the portable espresso machine, the cordless curling iron and an emergency cell phone charger.

Cordless Curling Iron, Emergency Phone Charger, Handpresso Outdoor Set

Happy Camping!


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  • Christine on Jul 21, 2012

    I’m planning a camping trip with friends and these are such amazing ideas! I’m even more giddy with excitement for the trip.

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