Our Mission

Philippa Radon Design is a boutique design firm dedicated to providing clients with stylish sophisticated interiors that will change the way they experience their spaces and their lives. Pursuing design projects through a colour-driven approach distinguishes our methods. We endeavor to guide our clients into achieving design goals that are unique to them. Understanding that today’s savvy clientele often have a grasp of what they conceptually want to achieve, our primary role is to navigate them through the stages of their project seamlessly while broadening their understanding

of the intricacies of the design world. Our expertise allows them to explore the creative evolution that is their own environment, their life and style, only better acquainted with the creative expression of themselves. Offering a full range of design services, residential and commercial, Philippa Radon Design, provides everything from expert colour consulting, custom-made furniture, lighting and floor plans to full renderings. Working closely with both clients and contractors, we ensure that all stages of a project are handled with the utmost efficiency. Years of working locally and internationally with the industry’s most skilled

crafts people ensures that our creative visions are masterfully executed.  

A place belongs to whoever claims it hardest…wrenches it from itself, shapes it, renders it, loves it so radically that he remakes it in his image.

- Joan Didion