Philippa Radon, Colour Consultant and Designer

Philippa Radon cultivated her signature colour based design philosophy through many years of developing her professionally trained eye in the industry. Creating visual maps and stategic planning for innovative and inspiring presentation. Her bespoke custom colour palettes not only service designers and architects, she now works with her residential clients one on one – as she quotes ” it was time to meet my client directly, to really understand the needs of people working with colour, it still remains a gray area for so many”.

Her work as a colour consultant led her to establishing her own full service design firm, serving the Western NY region and Buffalo area, where she now resides fully.

During the span of her colour consulting, fine arts and interior design career, Philippa has established the paint lines for Pottery Barn and their PB Studio stores, developed her own organic paint line, and has worked on projects for the Victoria and Albert Museum, British National Trust and St. James Palace. Her commercial clients have included Guess Clothing, Ralph Lauren clothing stores, the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, Steven Ehrlich, St. John’s Hospital in Los Angeles, William Morris Agency NY and Maxxam Enterprises. Her residential clients are a diverse group including Warner Brothers VIP John Richards, Benenson Capital in New York, and the artist formerly known as Prince.

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