Choosing Colour

For most people choosing colour, the right colour, is one of the hardest and most daunting tasks, which is why many defer to the skills of a professional, like myself. We strive earnestly for harmony and beauty when creating our homes, which contributes to our overall sense of well being. In design, the personality of a home is about relationships physical, structural and emotional. Nothing sets a course for these relationships as immediately and effectively as colour.

My perceptions in the field of colour run deeper than just acquired knowledge and training; it is a part of my make-up. Colour has never been an obstacle for me. I was raised in creative households, my mother is an artist, and my father greatly appreciated the arts and was a collector of many beautiful things.

My childhood homes were evolving palettes of colour and decor, fluctuating between my mother’s dwellings filled with hand painted flea market finds to being highly lavish and tastefully opulent at my father’s home. Early on, I learned that either extreme was an opportunity for exploring style and colour on many levels. I learned that no matter what your pockets were lined with, you could still make compelling design choices and create great beauty.

I have vivid memories of large yellow sunflower draperies in my bedroom, a fabric still in print today with Sanderson, coral and green print drawing room sofas off set with elaborate brass side tables and colourful bird ornaments of every type collected from exotic holidays. Rooms were always boundless opportunities for creativity, which is what made me so comfortable with colour and design at a young age.

Choosing colour and creating palettes is where I flourish. It is always treated with respect and homage to the beauty and capabilities that colour has to balance and transform. Colour is mysterious and complex, it speaks a language of its own but it is a language that I have always felt privileged to understand and be able to communicate in.

Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.

― Oscar Wilde

How to choose a colour for your space
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